13 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything - Love & Lavender (2024)

Everyone loves a good gift basket, and there are gift basket ideas for just about any interest. If you’ve been giving the classic fruit basket, or crackers, salami, and cheese baskets over and over , maybe it’s time to think outside of the box a little. Or, if you want to stick with the classics, find the king of ‘em all.

There’s rarely an occasion where a gift basket isn’t apropos. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, say ‘thanks’ to a host, or wish someone a speedy recovery, a thoughtful gift basket will put a smile on the recipient’s face. After all, it’s basically an assortment of curated gifts all packaged up in a pretty basket, and who wouldn’t love that?!

Here are some unique gift baskets we truly got excited about. Some are pretty specific, and some have a little something for everyone, but all are sure to make someone on your list happy.

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

1. Brunch Basket

by igourmet

That jerk COVID has cramped our going-out-for-brunch style, so here’s a workaround basket for brunch at home! Give it to those in your life who love brunch (read: everyone).

It’s got Bloody Mary fixins, and stuff to assemble delicious smoked salmon nibbles. Just add vodka and live jazz and you’ve got the ultimate brunch at home!

2. Healthy Hair & Body Kit

by Drunk Elephant

This is a great idea for the girl who wants to products by cult-beauty brand Drunk Elephant without committing to paying full Drunk Elephant prices. It has a little bit of everything to make her feel like a queen from head to toe.

Ultimate Gourmet Gift Basket?

We thought it would be fun to show off what a splurge gift basket looks like. Who better than the iconic British based Fortnum & Mason to deliver the goods on an ultra luxury food gift basket pick!

The Windsor Hamper” by Fortnum & Mason

  • In Britain, gift baskets are called hampers. This branded basket is fashioned as The Windsor Hamper for reasons I’m sure you can figure out.
  • An extra large wicker hamper holding 32 gourmet delicious treats.
  • No, the price of this hamper is NOT a misprint!

3. Sweet and Salty Snacks

by Harry & David

Know someone who love, love, loooooves their sweet and salty snacks? This gift box (ok, not a basket, but come on we had to include it) has it all, including MooseMunch caramel popcorn. The only problem with this gift is your recipient will have to keep an eye out for snack thieves.

4. Lavender Bath Gift Tote

by Spa Luxetique

13 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything - Love & Lavender (5)Pin

Of course there’s a lavender-themed spa gift basket on here, what did you expect? We love this one because it comes in a cute tote, and it’s got literally everything you could need for a relaxing night spent pampering yourself.

5. Italian Kitchen Basket

by Harry & David

Dinner in a crate! This one’s got it all. Ingredients for bruschetta, antipasti, and pasta puttanesca are included along with a couple of pretty, ceramic bread-dipping bowls to provide a vessel for all that gorgeous spiced olive oil. Perfecto.

6. Traditional Fruit Basket

by Harry & David

This fruit basket is traditional… sort of. In addition to the usual apples, citrus, and pears, this one has a tropical twist with mango, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, and more. Perfect for a co-worker, boss, or anyone you don’t know that well. No meat, no cheese (in case vegetarian), no alcohol (in case no drinking), and no snarky funny novelties. Just a gorgeous, safe, and easy gift basket.

7. CLASSIC Hickory Farms Basket

by Hickory Farms

We promised the king of classic gift baskets, and here it is. If you live in the US or Canada and have ever been to a mall, you know the Hickory Farms kiosk. And if you’ve never received one for Christmas or during the holiday season, no one loves you.

Just kidding, that’s absolutely not true. It is a really, really iconic gift, though. Smoky cheeses, sweet mustards, salty cured sausage. It’s just so good.

Unique DIY Basket Ideas

Sometimes, if you want to give something really special, you gotta do it yourself. Gift baskets are the perfect place to show off your gift-giving chops because you can create something customized and unique.

8. Cheese Lover’s Basket

Ok, so start with a cheese-making kit, put it in a basket lined with a dishtowel, add this personalized cheese set, some gourmet cheeses, and some fancy crackers. Tie it all up with a pretty bow, et voilà. Cheese lovers basket, only cooler.

9. Gift Basket For The Artist In Your Life…

If you’ve got an artist, you can easily make a custom basket just for them. Fill it with a personalized leather paintbrush roll (this one also holds art pencils and pens) and add some supplies from your local arts and crafts store. Top it off by including these specialty mugs, and you’ve got yourself a cool themed gift basket fit for an artist.

By the way, you can create a customized basket for anyone passionate about a hobby. Knitting, scrapbooking, gardening. Whatever the hobby, if you can name it, you can probably create a gift basket for it.

10. Traveler’s Gift Basket

We all have someone in our life who’s got a bad case of wanderlust. You know them, they’ll be the first to the gate when things get back up and running (i.e. the planes are flying and the borders are open), so give them a traveler’s basket to send them off!

Include a handy bucket list notebook, a personalized passport cover, a travel kit, and some courtesy spray. Put it all in this pretty tote lined with tissue paper, and they’ll be all set for departure.

11. Practical New Homeowner Gift Basket

Oh sure, there are plenty of beautiful housewarming gift baskets out there already assembled, but wouldn’t you rather make it personal?

When I moved into my very first house, someone gave me a No products found.. Now, I don’t know if they were trying to tell me something, but regardless, I thought it was a brilliant gift for a brand new homeowner.

So put one of those bad boys in a customizable laundry basket lined with something sturdy enough to hold up to some weighty gifts. You could even go eco-friendly and use carefully-cut brown paper shopping bags. Make them extra fancy by cutting the top edges with those neat crafting scissors if you’ve got them.

Throw in an inappropriate (but so true) doormat, housewarming candle, an always-appreciated gift card and anything else you think they’ll need, and your housewarming gift basket is complete. Oh, except for the pineapple! Don’t forget the pineapple – aka the international symbol for hospitality.

12. Busy Family Dinner Basket

If you know someone who’s supposed to stay off their feet (doctor’s orders), just had a new baby, or whose family is waaaay too busy for their own good, an easy-prep dinner basket is a wonderful gift.

This one’s all about quick, low-maintenance meals you can make in a slow cooker, but there are other options. You could just as easily give a gift basket assembled around weekday one-pot meals complete with dry goods and pantry items needed for some of the recipes in this book, for instance. (We probably don’t have to mention it, but be sure to give them the book, too.)

Include an oil mister, an apron with a message, a cookbook,spice blends, and non-perishable ingredients for common slow cooker dishes.

They don’t have a slow cooker? Well, take all this stuff and put it in an extra-large slow cooker . Bonus points for an awesome gift!

13 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything - Love & Lavender (17)Pin

13. Christmas Baking Prep Basket

Christmas is coming, it’s practically here! OK, maybe we’ve got a few minutes until it comes. But if you’ve got a Christmas traditionalist, baking prep baskets are a great idea to get them into the spirit early.

Line a large mixing bowl or basket with a Christmas-themed dish towel, and fill it up with a personalised Christmas tee, cocoa (or coffee) mug, personalized Great British Baking Show wooden spoon, mini loaf pans, and ugly Christmas sweater sprinkles.

I know so many people who’ve got it together enough to give homemade baked goods at the holidays every year (fortunately for me…). If your baker is a gifter, include these Christmas baking labels in their basket.

I mean, not like we’re giving gifts with the expectation of getting chocolate and delicious baked Christmas goodies or anything…. We’re just being thoughtful.

Gift Basket Idea-Hacks 101

A good gift basket doesn’t have to break the bank!

You can pare down any of the themes in this list to make them more affordable, and there are plenty of basket-hacks to help save you some money and still put together a great DIY gift basket.

  • Buy multi-packs of things and separate them to put in different baskets.

For instance, if you’d like to give your female co-workers each a small gift basket, separate a big pack of individually-wrapped bath bombs and put some in each gift basket along with things like nail polishes, lip balms, pretty hair bangles. In other words, include anything you think would be appropriate and appreciated without cleaning out your wallet.

  • Don’t be afraid to get thrifty.

I, for one, love to peruse thrift stores. Maybe it’s the adventure of never knowing quite what you’ll find, the mystery of where some of that stuff comes from (?), or the thrill of finding something fabulous.

At any rate, it’s so easy to find super cheap, sometimes fancy gift baskets still in really good shape at a thrift store. If you don’t want to deal with thrifting, get to the dollar store, they’ve always got a ton of baskets for next to nothing.

  • Go smaller, but meaningful.

For example, if you’ve got multiple kids with multiple teachers (or just one kid with multiple teachers), it’s easy to assemble something simple to show them you appreciate all they do for your kids.

Grab a nice thermal tumbler and fill it with candy, ibuprofen, a $5 or $10 gift card for wherever they like to grab lunch, and a heartfelt, handwritten note of thanks. I’ve had teachers hug me with tears in their eyes over this one. It’s pretty awesome.

It’s Always Better To Give

So true. It never ceases to amaze me how satisfying it is to give a gift basket, particularly if it’s full of thoughtfully chosen stuff.

Go forth, get basketing, and have fun!

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13 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything - Love & Lavender (21)Pin
13 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything - Love & Lavender (2024)


How do you make an impressive gift basket? ›

Arrange the tallest or largest items at the back of the container to create a visual balance. Gradually fill in the space with smaller items, ensuring everything is visible and aesthetically pleasing. Pay attention to color and texture, and arrange items in an eye-catching manner.

How do you make a romantic gift basket? ›

Books & Candles Basket: Fill a basket with a selection of romantic novels, scented candles and a cozy blanket for a relaxing night in. Personalized Basket: Make a basket of personalized items such as a custom photo album, a custom-made piece of art, or a special keepsake with a special message.

How do you make a relaxation gift basket? ›

Choose spa products: Consider items such as bath bombs, bath salts, body scrubs, bath towels, face masks, body lotions, aromatherapy soy candles. Add extras: To make the basket more special, consider adding items such as a loofah, slippers, a shower cap, a bath pillow, and a bathrobe.

How do you make a gift basket look expensive? ›

A great way to make your gift basket appear fancy and luxurious is by choosing all the right decorations to fill the spaces. But, you shouldn't add just any decorations – be sure to choose the right type of decor, from the color to the style. This will help you create a gift basket that is both beautiful and elegant.

How many items should be in a gift basket? ›

We recommend you include 4-5 items in a small gift basket. For a medium-sized REALTOR® gift basket, choose 7-8 items. Finally, we suggest you pick 10 or more products for a large basket.

What can I use instead of a gift basket? ›

You can use a gift bag if it's big enough, or a bucket, a large bowl, even a cardboard box, just paint it or use contact paper or wrapping paper to make it look nice. We did a gift basket auction at work and people used many items rather than an actual basket.

How do you fill a deep gift basket? ›

For deep baskets, crumple filler paper loosely and fill to about 1 inch from brim of basket (or as high as desired).

What is a relaxing gift? ›

From relaxing bath salts, massage lotions, candles, and good sleep accessories, you can treat her to relaxation gifts fit for a queen. Gifts to relax on the beach, no-stress jigsaw puzzles, books, and self-care hampers are more great ideas for relaxing gifts for women.

How do you make a mimosa gift basket? ›

To make: Place mini champagne bottles, oranges (for fresh squeezed juice) and bakery fresh muffins in whatever box, basket or crate you have on hand. Add in things like patterned napkins to make it a bit more festive.

What is in a self-care package? ›

Items to include in a self-care box
  • Books or journals. Dive into the world of your favourite books or use a journal to write down your thoughts, feelings, or creative ideas. ...
  • Tea or comforting beverages. ...
  • Preferred snacks.
  • Photos.
  • Exercise equipment. ...
  • Favourite song lyrics. ...
  • Affirmation notes.
  • Nice cards or mementos.

How do you make a cheap gift basket look expensive? ›

A few things I can think of that you can do on the cheap that make your basket seem luxe:
  1. Small Basket - if you use a smaller basket, it's going to look like it is overflowing with just a few items in it. ...
  2. Filler - you need a lot of filler (e.g. shredded or crumpled paper) to get the items in the basket to sit up high.
Dec 6, 2022

What do you put in the bottom of a gift basket? ›

Bedding: Decorative shredded paper or other stylish bedding to go under contents. This could include shredded paper, shredded plastic, tissue paper, dried moss or a keepsake such as a dish towel, table cloth, shawl, place mats, baby blanket or a bandana - to name just a few.


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